Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's Always My Fault

This whole post came about because my fiance decided to come upstairs after making a snack for him and I and as soon as he walked in our bedroom door he starts bitching me out because the back hall light was off and he had to walk in the dark holding two plates of food and nearly tripped over something.

He makes it out to be MY fault that the light was off since I was the last one to go through the back hall and come up the stairs.  Well, he was wrong because when I came up the stairs I left the light on.  I didn't have enough hands to turn the damn light off anyway.

I couldn't help myself but to snap back because it had been a long day already and he didn't even say Hi to me he just started yelling as soon as he walked through the door.  I told him I didn't turn the light off, I left it on.  He then proceeds to bitch because we can leave every other light in the house on but we always turn the back hall light off and it just doesn't make sense to him why that's the only light we ever shut off.

I told him it's a force of habit because for so long we didn't use the upstairs so we just made sure the light was off and it's nothing personal towards him at all.

He just continued to bitch and moan and I snapped, I was tired of it.  I asked him why he couldn't flip the light on himself before trying to walk through the back hall, his hands were full, he says.  So what?  I always manage to get it with my elbow if my hands are full. 

Anyway, that argument ended when I told him that I wasn't going to talk to him anymore if he was just going to yell at me.

Then today, after a long day of running errands and waiting around on government employees for energy assistance, he goes to get out of the car and puts his tablet on the roof.  I knew it was a bad idea as soon as he did it but decided against saying anything because he was already cranky.  Well, when he went to pull our daughter, carseat and all, out of the car, it moved the car enough that his tablet slid off the roof and landed on the ground in the mud and snow.

And, you guessed it, it was suddenly MY FAULT!  I moved the car by slamming stuff around and blah blah blah.  I told him flat out no, it wasn't my fault, it was his fault for putting it on the damn roof of the car in the first place.  It's a tablet, that's a bad place for it to be.  He just continued to try and make it my fault so I said that if he wasn't going to take responsibility for his actions and just keep blaming me then I wasn't going to buy him anymore expensive gifts so that this problem never arises again.

He quickly shut up but super glum about the whole encounter for the next two hours.  I'm thinking it was because he realized and KNEW that he really was at fault and that yelling at me wasn't a good idea and he was just wallowing in defeat.

I say this because now he is acting as though the encounter never happened and we're a happy couple once again.

It isn't just my fiance who does this though, my sister and mother are guilty of it as well.  The dishes not being done promptly, my fault because I made dinner, even though house rule is the person who cooks does not have to do the dishes too.  That kind of thing.

It just really drives me nuts.  No one can take responsibility for their own damn actions anymore.  Total BS if you ask me.  Ugh.  Just gonna chalk it up to another one of those little things they do to drive me nutters.  

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Who needs a sex life?

Becoming a parent is tough enough for a couple but going from having sex whenever you felt the urge to whenever you have the time, because your child really does come first, is a tough pill to swallow.

My fiance and I are highly sexual individuals.  Before the birth of our daughter we had sex at least four times a day, if not more.  Now we're lucky if we get it once a day and twice is just fantastic!  LOL

It's hard though, when you feel that urge and all you want to do is mount your man or woman, whichever, and go at it but your child is awake and kicking and screaming or playing and doesn't want to be alone in their playpen, they want your attention. 

Being hypersexual, a condition often suffered from by people who have mental disorders such as bipolar disorder, which my fiance and I both have, is difficult enough but when you don't get your "fix", so to speak, you can get cranky and irritable with the ones around you, including your children. 

It's very often hard to cope and you find yourself snapping at everyone for no good reason other than you're sexually frustrated and there is nothing you can do about it right at that moment.  It's even harder explaining that to your loved ones, especially your kids.  They won't understand and shouldn't have to.

It's just one of those things I deal with on a daily basis.  Just like I deal with my moods flipping practically every hour, I deal with this and have learned to cope.  Some days are easier than others, of course and I relish in those days.

Today, was not one of those days, it was not an easy day.  I was horny beyond belief this morning and my daughter was wide awake and giggling and happy and playing with Mommy and Daddy and I just didn't have the heart to put her in her playpen and leave her there to play by herself so I could attend my own needs.  Not only did it not seem fair to her, it just seemed wrong on so many levels.

So I waited.  And I waited.  And I waited some more for her to go down for her nap.  She fought it tooth and nail this morning, staying up for five hours before finally deciding to give it up and take a nap and by then I was ready to attack my fiance.  Thankfully, he was more than willing to oblige me.

It was a glorious release when I finally did get to take care of my needs and just that one time has held me over all day so far.  I doubt I'll be up for round two before I sleep since I'm 7-1/2 months pregnant and my belly is so big and full of baby that it gets sore after just ONE round. 

I hate having to turn my fiance down when he's being all romantic and loving and trying to seduce me but today is just one of those days where my body can't handle more and I'm not really needing it either. 

I realize that some of this may be a bit TMI for you but it's just another one of those little things that I feel the need to blog about and therefore I will. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Schedules, Smedules

How many mommies and daddies out there keep their LOs to a regular schedule?

I'm only asking because my 9 month old daughter WAS on a regular schedule up until four days ago.  And it has been a hellacious four days.  She didn't nap at all Monday until two hours before bed time then slept only 2 hours before waking up, eating quite a bit and then going back down an hour later.  She only slept until 8 am then.  Yesterday, no nap at all.  Not a one.  She finally went down to sleep for good at 10 pm and slept until 10 am, which was wonderful. 

It wouldn't be so frustrating if she had phased out her naps like most children do but that didn't happen.  And it has happened at such a young age, after all, she's only 9 months old.  Most children start to phase out naps at around 12 months or more. Not my little ray of sunshine, heck no.  She wants to be advanced for her age.  LOL 

She's advanced in all the other milestones for 9 month olds so why not this, too?  She's already walking pretty well when holding your hands and she can hang onto the couch or any other piece of furniture and walk along with ease.  She's standing up and staying standing up all on her own without holding onto anything for quite a bit of time. 

It's amazing really.  I'll look back and remember how tiny she was, how much she needed me all day every day and how fragile she seemed.  Now she's saying Momma and Oma and Dada.  She's walking with assistance and crawling at speed.  She's just started eating meats to go along with her fruits and veggies.  She has her two bottom teeth in and is working on her two top ones.  It just doesn't seem as though it has been that long.  It's only been 9 months.  9 months!  That doesn't really SEEM very long in the long term perspective of everything but apparently it is.  It's long enough for her to have done all of these things and progressed so far.

And she just keeps going.  I'm going to attribute her lack of napping to teething, daylight savings time and a growth spurt for now.  Maybe she'll start napping again in a few days but if she doesn't then I'll chalk it up to her hitting another milestone in her life. 

For now, I'm just glad she's happy and healthy and moving along in life as she should be.  I try to remember every day to enjoy the little things in life and hold them precious because they aren't little for very long and they don't stay babies.  They grow quickly and in no time she's going to be walking and talking all on her own and she'll need me even less than she does now. 

Being a first time mom, this is all new for me but I wouldn't trade any of these experiences for anything in the world.  Because let's be honest here, for me, I know that there is no greater reward for all the lack of sleep and the frustrating hours and everything else involved in parenting than having my child look at me and smile and say Momma.  And I know the rewards are only going to be greater as time goes on, yes the frustrations will still be there but just to here her say Momma makes it all worth while to me. 

It really is the little things. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

I Wonder Sometimes...

I often sit and wonder what exactly it is that Life thinks I need to learn that I haven't yet or what it is that Karma is paying me back for.  Especially, with days like today and yesterday.

Yesterday, we had a big snow storm and I had six appointments I had to get to.  I succeeded in getting to all of my appointments on time and finishing up those errands but in between the last two appointments my fiance and I were hungry so we stopped at a local grocery store to get some sushi for something to eat, as we hadn't really had much to eat at all that day.  On our way into the store, there was a lot of snow and slush because of the storm and the floor was made of a very slippery tile.  The grocery store didn't have any of their mats or rugs down at all, anywhere, so with the added water from our shoes the tile was VERY slippery and we both actually slid a bit just walking into the store.

I made my way slowly to the restroom, across all of this slippery wet tile, only to find the bathroom had the same tiles and there were still no mats down.  Being 7 months pregnant my urge to relieve my bladder was strong so I pressed on despite having to baby step the entire way there and through the bathroom.

After using the facilities I began to make my way out of the bathroom only to slip in the water that had been tracked in on shoes and I slid a little before my feet went out from under me and I landed hard on my left side.

I already have back issues and am pregnant and this was just icing on the cake for a long and exhausting day. I made my way out of the bathroom to find my fiance waiting for me at the end of the hall. I explained to him what happened and he helped me walk to the sushi area and was watching me intently, asking if I was okay.  I had no idea if I was and told him so.  We picked out our food, paid for it and I decided I at least needed to inform them of the slippery wet tiles so no one else fell like I did.

The store manager was very nice about it all but he didn't even take my name down.  He also asked if I was okay and I told him I didn't know.  He said he would take care of the issue so no one else fell and we then left.

Halfway to my last appointment which was only a 10 minute drive from the store I decided to call the store manager so he could at least take down my name.  It was only then that he offered for me to come back and fill out an accident report.  I did so after my chiropractor appointment and asked that someone call me back from there department that handles these situations.

They called today during my sister's appointment so I set it up for them to call me back sometime tomorrow.   I really am at a loss as to what to do about all of this.  I have serious back pain issues as it is for lots of different reasons that I won't bore you with but that pain is always located on the low right portion of my back.  This new pain from the fall is all on the left side.  And boy does it hurt.  I have throbbing and stiffness in my left low back, left hip and thigh and left upper shoulder.  I also have some soreness in my low abdomen.

My OB, whom I saw today, said my belly would be stiff and sore for a couple of days because I did fall and jostle everything and she told me a few things I should watch for just to be on the safe side and what to do if they did occur.  So far, I haven't had any of those issues and I hope I don't.  I don't want to have this baby prematurely just because of a stupid wet floor that had no mats/rugs or even signs up!

Then, finally making my way home after my sister's and my appointments today, my fiance sends me a text telling me he is having severe chest and arm and neck pain.  I had no idea what to do since it wasn't letting up at all after I got home to him and gave him some Tylenol so off to the ER we went.

After spending FIVE HOURS in an ER that was barely busy because they had to run every test under the sun they could find related to all of his symptoms he was diagnosed with panic attacks, given a prescription and sent home with instructions to see his regular doctor sometime in the next week.

I am literally exhausted beyond exhaustion.  I am tired and sore and in pain and cranky and all of those other things associated with being seven months pregnant and not getting enough sleep and having to deal with all of these difficult and stress inducing issues.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad my fiance is okay and it's nothing serious but five hours is just too damn long considering there were barely any other patients in the ER last night. 

It's not the family's fault this time but it's just another one of those little things.   I almost wanted to say, "Oh don't worry, I didn't need any downtime or rest after my long last two days.  I could spend another five hours in this hospital if you really wanted me to."  LOL  Not!  

Try As I May, I'm Just Not Blessed With Superpowers

You've all been there, I'm sure, those days where you feel like you're expected to be "supermom".  Unless you're blessed with one of those significant others (SO) who is more than willing day in and day out to help you around the house and with your little ones (LO) no matter what the situation may be, then you've been in my current set of shoes.  

He huffs and puffs and then gets up to do what I've asked because I'm so worn out or have nine other balls in the air at that moment OR he starts an argument about having to get up and be interrupted from what he's doing to do what I've asked.  Seriously?!

Do you realize how many times a day I am interrupted from something I am doing or have been doing to do something else for whatever reason?  I don't think he does.  I don't think he quite understands how often I DON'T get to finish something I started because something else needed to be done that was more important or more time sensitive.  I've tried time and time again to explain this to him, I really have but he just isn't understanding. 

Some days are better than others for me, since I'm 7 months pregnant it's bound to happen, but usually my back is constantly sore, my abdomen is constantly sore, my feet and legs are swollen and sore and I barely get any sleep.  Those things make for a difficult time of me even MOVING let alone getting up every five seconds when our daughter needs something from us.  And I do mean US, dammit. 

I'm not a superhero.  I never have been and I never will be. I know he sees that but sometimes I wish he would just appreciate and understand it better rather than make such a big stink about getting up to help out. 

Just one of those little things. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

After Tired Comes Exhaustion But What Comes After That?

I barely slept again due to my pregnancy insomnia and a teething baby.  Really can't be helped but I've gone beyond tired and sleepy and pushed through exhaustion and am honestly wondering what the HELL comes after that? 

Whatever it is...that's what I am.  My mind is so fuzzy, my body is aching, my stomach is sore to the touch and my back is screaming in agony. 

Sounds like I'm whining a bit there but I'm just telling it like it is.  No sympathy required, don't need any, it's just been one of those days.  Those long and exhausting days where there were so many things that needed to be done and so you HAD to do them but the list was a mile long and after a long night of light, interrupted sleep it made the entire process of errand running absolutely draining. 

Grocery store, bill paying, Wal-Mart, Burlington Coat Factory for jeans for my sister and a very nice and inexpensive Easter dress for the baby all followed by the pharmacy and gas station with me being the only capable driver makes for an exhausted Momma, Daughter, Sister, Lover/Fiance. 

I did some research and came up with this.
Exhaust: Verb
1.  To drain of strength or energy, wear out, or fatigue greatly, as a person. 
2.  To use up or consume completely; expend the whole of.  

There are more definitions but you get the gist of it.  

Synonyms for "exhausted": 
all in, beat, bleary, bone-weary, bushed, crippled, dead tired, dead, debilitated, disabled, dog-tired, done for, done in, drained, effete, enervated, frazzled, had it, kaput, limp, out on one's feet, outta gas, prostrated, ready to drop, run-down, sapped, shot, spent, tired out, wasted, weak, weakened, wearied, worn, worn out.  

So there you have it.  That's what I am right at this moment.  With my eyelids growing droopy and my mind slowly shutting down, my body aching and my spirit just unwilling to continue with this day I shall say adieu and goodnight.   

Friday, March 1, 2013

Some Days Just Don't Go By Fast Enough...

And other days go by too quickly.  Today was not a quick day.  My 9-month-old daughter recently started teething.  I mean serious teething.  All day long she has been whiny and cranky and tired and not wanting anything I offer her, even food.  She just longed for her bottle and to play all by her lonesome with no interaction with Mommy or Daddy. 

Days like today just go by so very very slowly, when she doesn't follow her usual routine of being up at 9 am or 10 am, down for a nap around noon, up again around 2 pm and down again around 4 pm until 5 pm when she wakes up and plays until bedtime at 9 pm. 

No, on days like today, the slow and super long days, she's up extremely early at 7 am and doesn't go down for a nap when she usually does, she goes down around 2 pm or 3 pm.  That's a long time for her to be awake and by then she's exhausted beyond belief and cranky beyond her normal teething crankiness so I have to have her cry it out to go down for a nap.  Then up again at 4 pm or so and stays up way past bedtime.

Like tonight, she went down for her nap at 5:30 pm, finally, her one and only nap today and slept until 7:30 pm and that's only because Daddy woke her up on purpose, as I asked him to.  This way she would have some kind of semblance of being tired around 9 pm or 10 pm, normal bedtime.  NOPE!  Not tonight.  11 pm rolls around and she's still awake and whiny and exhausted and cranky and uncomfortable and not wanting a damn thing I offered her.

All she wanted was to play with her musical book, by herself, without interaction from anyone else.  That's it.  She is FIERCELY independent, not even wanting cuddles when upset or hurt.  Breaks my heart sometimes but I know in the end it will be better for her.  It's just sometimes a mother wants to cuddle her baby and it can hurt your heart when your baby doesn't want cuddles EVER.

My plan of attack for nights like tonight is as follows, change the diaper, give her a bottle, slap some Orajel on her gums, give her Tylenol for the pain, Benadryl for her allergies, gas drops for her little tummy and lay her down for bed.  

I'd had enough at midnight and per her doctor's recommendation to help her get to sleep better, I gave her a Melatonin strip of 1.5 mg that dissolves in her mouth.  She was out by 12:30 am, finally. 

Long long days like this really take their toll on me, as I'm 7 month pregnant and then I can't get to sleep because of 3rd trimester insomnia.  Hence, my posting at nearly 4 am.  Ugh. 

It's one of those little things that my family does to drive me nutters.  I have to be up early later today so I can do some shopping, diapers, wipes, that sort of thing.  Then it's off to babysit my godson for six hours.  Long day head of me after a long day today.  

The little things to rive me insane.....