Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's Always My Fault

This whole post came about because my fiance decided to come upstairs after making a snack for him and I and as soon as he walked in our bedroom door he starts bitching me out because the back hall light was off and he had to walk in the dark holding two plates of food and nearly tripped over something.

He makes it out to be MY fault that the light was off since I was the last one to go through the back hall and come up the stairs.  Well, he was wrong because when I came up the stairs I left the light on.  I didn't have enough hands to turn the damn light off anyway.

I couldn't help myself but to snap back because it had been a long day already and he didn't even say Hi to me he just started yelling as soon as he walked through the door.  I told him I didn't turn the light off, I left it on.  He then proceeds to bitch because we can leave every other light in the house on but we always turn the back hall light off and it just doesn't make sense to him why that's the only light we ever shut off.

I told him it's a force of habit because for so long we didn't use the upstairs so we just made sure the light was off and it's nothing personal towards him at all.

He just continued to bitch and moan and I snapped, I was tired of it.  I asked him why he couldn't flip the light on himself before trying to walk through the back hall, his hands were full, he says.  So what?  I always manage to get it with my elbow if my hands are full. 

Anyway, that argument ended when I told him that I wasn't going to talk to him anymore if he was just going to yell at me.

Then today, after a long day of running errands and waiting around on government employees for energy assistance, he goes to get out of the car and puts his tablet on the roof.  I knew it was a bad idea as soon as he did it but decided against saying anything because he was already cranky.  Well, when he went to pull our daughter, carseat and all, out of the car, it moved the car enough that his tablet slid off the roof and landed on the ground in the mud and snow.

And, you guessed it, it was suddenly MY FAULT!  I moved the car by slamming stuff around and blah blah blah.  I told him flat out no, it wasn't my fault, it was his fault for putting it on the damn roof of the car in the first place.  It's a tablet, that's a bad place for it to be.  He just continued to try and make it my fault so I said that if he wasn't going to take responsibility for his actions and just keep blaming me then I wasn't going to buy him anymore expensive gifts so that this problem never arises again.

He quickly shut up but super glum about the whole encounter for the next two hours.  I'm thinking it was because he realized and KNEW that he really was at fault and that yelling at me wasn't a good idea and he was just wallowing in defeat.

I say this because now he is acting as though the encounter never happened and we're a happy couple once again.

It isn't just my fiance who does this though, my sister and mother are guilty of it as well.  The dishes not being done promptly, my fault because I made dinner, even though house rule is the person who cooks does not have to do the dishes too.  That kind of thing.

It just really drives me nuts.  No one can take responsibility for their own damn actions anymore.  Total BS if you ask me.  Ugh.  Just gonna chalk it up to another one of those little things they do to drive me nutters.  

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