Tuesday, April 9, 2013

When It Rains It Most Certainly Pours

Normally, I would have posted a few times by now but I've just been feeling like such crap lately that I haven't really wanted to do anything, not even bake or cook, which totally means something because I love to bake and cook. 

Anyway, in the past four days my home has gone from everyone being happy go-lucky and doing things on their own unless it's dinner time when we all usually congregate together to fuck off and leave me alone but don't go far because I need you every five minutes. 

This sudden mood change occurred as soon as the stomach flu that found it's way into our home not only overtook my 10 month old daughter and fiance but also my mother and sister.  Thankfully, I have yet to succumb to this foul virus and I never want to, especially whilst pregnant. 

So I spent my Friday night out with friends celebrating a bachelorette party which I had to cut short so that I could come home to help my fiance and my mother with my puking daughter.  We acquainted her puking up everything she ate to her having far too many fresh vegetables for dinner, courtesy of her daddy. 

The puking passed in just the one night and by morning she was no longer vomiting but seemed a little lethargic and not quite herself.  She also had a messy diaper, that, well, let's just say I refused to ever try and did not even attempt to clean the onesie she had been wearing.  Just...ew. 

Two messy diapers later, in similar format to the first and not wanting much of anything to eat but her formula I put her down for sleep last night.  When she hadn't woken at all during the night for a bottle or made much noise at all, I was a bit concerned but since we had gone out and about I figured she was just tired and checked on her regularly just to be sure she was still okay.  However, when I woke at noon and she STILL wasn't up, I was more than worried.  I was scared. 

She was very, very lethargic, almost not wanting to move.  She wanted nothing more to eat but 2/3 of one formula bottle and was very clingy and cuddly with me.  That right there let me know that something more was wrong with her than just not feeling well.  She was sick, very sick.  I sent her down to Oma, my mother, as I ran to the grocery store to get her some Gatorade and crackers and that's when I found out just how bad this virus had hit my home. 

In the course of one evening, my sister had passed out twice just trying to get to the bathroom, my mother had fallen three times doing the exact same thing and they were both in and out of the bathroom numerous times.  Vomiting was also included but they were of enough sound mind and body to get it in the trash can at least.  Thank the gods. 

So not only did I have to worry about my poor baby girl I had to worry about my mother and sister as well.  Neither of them have left their respective beds yet for the day and I doubt they will today anyway.  I bought more than enough Gatorade and crackers, apple sauce, bananas and chicken noodle soup for the entire house as my poor fiance was also afflicted with this nasty bug.  He felt like crap all day Saturday and most of Sunday and still isn't feeling quite up to par but at least he can keep his food down now. 

So here I sit, at 5 am on Tuesday morning, after checking on my mother and sister one last time, putting my baby girl back down for sleep since she woke up 2 hours ago hungry and I just didn't have the heart to deny her some crackers and formula considering she hadn't eaten anything all day and wasn't feeling well, updating my blog and watching some old Looney Tunes cartoons on cable TV with my fiance, hoping and praying my daughter will go back to sleep soon so I can finally go down for the night as well. 

It's been a rough couple of days, the sickness with my daughter first, then it hit her daddy and finally moved on to my mother and sister and I'm praying to the gods that I don't get this nasty virus.  I don't want to get it and I don't need to get it and I don't have the same immune system everyone else does because I'm currently 8 months pregnant and yea, let's consider that one for a second. Does an 8 month pregnant mommy really have any kind of proper chance of beating such a vile virus and surviving without having to hit the hospital once or twice for fluids so she doesn't get dehydrated?

I think not and I don't want to go there.  So let's wrap this up with saying that no matter how many disinfectant wipes you use, Lysol you spray or how many times you wash your hands throughout the day, you still stand NO chance against a virus such as this and when it does get to one person in your home you can bet your last dollar that EVERYONE in your home is going to get it sooner or later.  There's just no chance to win in some instances. 

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