Wednesday, April 10, 2013


My godson, cute little bugger whom I helped raise from birth, is turning 9 years old this year.  Makes me feel ancient and old.  Especially since my own daughter is turning 1 year old in less than three months.  Wow, does time fly. 

The name of this post is a word that my godson created while trying to explain to me how he couldn't tell me about his dreams because he had no "remembery" of them.  I laughed a bit when he said that and poked a bit of fun but he looked at me seriously and said, "It's not funny Auntie Katy.  I should be able to "remembery" these things". 

He was honestly concerned about not being able to remember his dreams like his friends could.  I quickly came up with a positive way, well, I think it's a positive way, to calm him down and quash his fears.  I told him that it doesn't matter if he can't remember all of his dreams.  What matters is the ones he does remember because those are the important ones. 

He thought for a moment and apparently concluded that this was an acceptable explanation and went about his business without another thought. 

It got me thinking though, how well do I remember things?  And I don't mean just the important things like doctor's appointments, medication refills, returning phone calls and keeping schedules.  I mean the little things.  Like my dreams, my daughter's first actual word, little things like that, I often don't remember them unless I'm really seriously thinking about them. 

Makes you wonder a bit doesn't it?  Why is it that we sometimes have to work so very hard to remember some things when other things come to you so quickly, like your parent's phone number or your birth date, your shoe size or the type of oil your car needs? 

Those things come to me quite quickly but trying to remember the feeling of warm grass between my toes, the smell of fresh sea air, my first fishing trip or my first time, and last time, hunting with my father is so much more difficult for me to remember that I often find myself sitting there, picturing it in my head for a few moments, taking in all the details, sights, smells, sounds, sensations, all of it before I bring it up in conversation so that I can be sure to get it all straight before speaking about it. 

And then, you can be out with friends and have a snappy or witty comeback or retort to something cocky they've let off in less than a heartbeat. 

It's all quite intriguing really, something that interests me quite a bit, to a degree that I've done some research through Google on this matter and have found some interesting results.  I won't go into dull boring detail as I know some of you probably don't give a rats patooty what I or the experts have to say about it all but if it does peak your interests be sure to go and have a look see. 

Just remember, (see what I did there), it's all a matter of perspective, some of the things you want to remember aren't always exact and some of the things you don't want to remember will be clear as day.  It's all a part of how the ever surprising and alluring human mind works. 

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