Friday, March 1, 2013

Some Days Just Don't Go By Fast Enough...

And other days go by too quickly.  Today was not a quick day.  My 9-month-old daughter recently started teething.  I mean serious teething.  All day long she has been whiny and cranky and tired and not wanting anything I offer her, even food.  She just longed for her bottle and to play all by her lonesome with no interaction with Mommy or Daddy. 

Days like today just go by so very very slowly, when she doesn't follow her usual routine of being up at 9 am or 10 am, down for a nap around noon, up again around 2 pm and down again around 4 pm until 5 pm when she wakes up and plays until bedtime at 9 pm. 

No, on days like today, the slow and super long days, she's up extremely early at 7 am and doesn't go down for a nap when she usually does, she goes down around 2 pm or 3 pm.  That's a long time for her to be awake and by then she's exhausted beyond belief and cranky beyond her normal teething crankiness so I have to have her cry it out to go down for a nap.  Then up again at 4 pm or so and stays up way past bedtime.

Like tonight, she went down for her nap at 5:30 pm, finally, her one and only nap today and slept until 7:30 pm and that's only because Daddy woke her up on purpose, as I asked him to.  This way she would have some kind of semblance of being tired around 9 pm or 10 pm, normal bedtime.  NOPE!  Not tonight.  11 pm rolls around and she's still awake and whiny and exhausted and cranky and uncomfortable and not wanting a damn thing I offered her.

All she wanted was to play with her musical book, by herself, without interaction from anyone else.  That's it.  She is FIERCELY independent, not even wanting cuddles when upset or hurt.  Breaks my heart sometimes but I know in the end it will be better for her.  It's just sometimes a mother wants to cuddle her baby and it can hurt your heart when your baby doesn't want cuddles EVER.

My plan of attack for nights like tonight is as follows, change the diaper, give her a bottle, slap some Orajel on her gums, give her Tylenol for the pain, Benadryl for her allergies, gas drops for her little tummy and lay her down for bed.  

I'd had enough at midnight and per her doctor's recommendation to help her get to sleep better, I gave her a Melatonin strip of 1.5 mg that dissolves in her mouth.  She was out by 12:30 am, finally. 

Long long days like this really take their toll on me, as I'm 7 month pregnant and then I can't get to sleep because of 3rd trimester insomnia.  Hence, my posting at nearly 4 am.  Ugh. 

It's one of those little things that my family does to drive me nutters.  I have to be up early later today so I can do some shopping, diapers, wipes, that sort of thing.  Then it's off to babysit my godson for six hours.  Long day head of me after a long day today.  

The little things to rive me insane.....

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