Monday, January 20, 2014

The Great Ear Piercing Debate

Alright folks, this has been a topic I've seen rolling through my newsfeeds for weeks now.  To pierce your daughters ears or not to, that is the ultimate question.

Some people think piercing a young girls ears is the same pain equivalent as a circumcision for a boy (we'll get into the great circumcision debate later on in a different post).  And also the same kind of pushing your beliefs onto your child without their knowledge at such a young age because they can't tell you for themselves whether or not they want it done. 

My theory is this:  If you want to pierce your child's ears for whatever reason, go ahead and do it but don't be surprised if you get some backlash because not everyone shares your beliefs.  Some think it's more torture than anything else and that you're doing it for cosmetic reasons that aren't morally "right". 

In some religions, however, ear piercing is just as common as circumcision, if not more so, such as the Hindu culture.  They pierce young girls ears and noses for the sake of their religious beliefs.  Just like in the Jewish culture circumcision is done because of religious beliefs. 

IF you're going to get your young daughter's ears pierced please do me a favor and don't, I repeat, DO NOT take her to the mall and have some young, inexperienced teenage girl do it with a piercing gun. 

Piercing guns hurt, they are painful, they pinch and stab and it isn't always quick.  Also, it's not always clean.  You don't know if they actually cleaned the gun apparatus after the last piercing they did.  You don't know how sterile the rest of the equipment they're using is.   And from personal experience, they are NOT as gentle as an actual body piercer is. 

An article I read earlier today brought about this post.  I'll link it up for you right here:

I would much prefer that if you are absolutely dead set on getting your young child's ears pierced, get them done by an actual piercing PROFESSIONAL.  Someone who does this on a regular everyday basis.  Someone who has pierced more skin than the kiosk people in the mall could ever imagine. 

Tattoo parlors and piercing parlors are far more clean than you would think.  They have very strict health code standards to abide by in order to continue to do business.  So if you're seriously going to do this to your child's body then do your research and find a place that has been around for a long time. 

Go in on your own at first, talk with the people there, get to know what the process is going to be.  Ask questions!  Get answers!  Just do your homework. 

My personal belief, I'll let my girls tell me if and when they want their ears pierced and when or if they do, I'll be taking them to the same piercing parlor I go to for my own piercings.  It's just good parenting on my part, in MY opinion, to do things that way rather than put my child through the awful torture I went through at 13 when I finally got MY ears pierced by a madwoman wielding a piercing gun at a mall kiosk. 

If nothing else, at least take it into consideration and go through the pros and cons before you jump the gun. 

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