Saturday, February 23, 2013

To Clean or Not To Clean...

Dish duty...everyone in my house hates dish duty.   And no, we are not lucky enough to own a mechanical dishwasher.  And no, there is no room in my tiny Barbie kitchen to have one installed.  I call it a Barbie kitchen because just like the Barbie dream houses my kitchen only has one wall of installed cabinets.

I hate dishes for a few reasons.  First off, no one besides myself and my fiance rinse their damn dishes.  We're all adults, I don't know why this can't happen.

Secondly, my sister refuses to wash ANY dishes besides those she has dirtied while eating.  Yes, that means even if she dirtied a pot or pan or dish to microwave/cook anything she will not wash it.  She's considered high functioning autistic and I think that's part of why she does and says some of the things she does but that is still no excuse for her to not be cleaning up after herself entirely. 

Thirdly, my mother and I try to keep up on dishes as often as possible but her hands don't work very well from 25 years of working behind a desk typing as a medical transcriptionist and suffering from severe carpal tunnel in both wrists.  This has made it so she has very little feeling and very little grip strength left in either of her hands and there are some days she drops things more often than not and washing dishes makes her hands hurt something fierce. 

I, myself, can only stand at the kitchen sink for a few minutes to wash up dishes because my big ole pregnant belly bumps up against the sink counter numerous times and it becomes quite uncomfortable and even painful some days.

Which leaves my fiance, who has repeatedly told me that he is no kitchen slave, to wash up dishes and he doesn't flat out refuse to do dishes but he hates having to clean up after my mother and sister because, as I said before, we're all adults in this house and there's no reason why we can't all do our own dishes and share in the responsibility of pots and pans and dishes used to make meals.

 Alas, this does not happen.  So some days the sink is full of dirty dishes and other days my mother or I will get to them and there will be no more but I just wish that my fiance and sister would buck up and be adults and just wash the damn dishes REGARDLESS of who they belonged to or who used them and did not rinse them. 

It's just so irritating.  So very, very irritating.  Both are ADHD with slight hints of or full blown autism and I can't seem to wrap my head around their constant battle to lay blame because of some unfinished chore instead of just doing it and getting it over with. 

Just one of those little things again, I guess.  Sigh. 

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