Friday, February 8, 2013


Sleep.  We all need it, we all love it, we all go without it sometimes or often, in my case.  And lately I've been wondering if anyone else gets jealous of their dear husband or significant others ability to sleep without hassle. 

Maybe it's just me. 

Maybe it isn't. 

It's a real question for me that has been running through my mind lately, especially for the last 2 husband is currently sleeping soundly next to me even though he is supposed to be the one who takes night shift.  *le sigh*

And then there are the mornings.  I get up with our daughter after only four or five hours of sleep and take care of her all morning while he gets the rest he didn't get during the night shift.  Only problem with our little arrangement is now I'm six months pregnant and I need more help from him in the mornings.  Our daughter is getting too heavy for me to lift and getting her out of her bed is difficult for me with my stomach being so big and it literally hurts to bend over it and pick her up.

Now he complains about not getting enough sleep and me not holding up my end of our agreement to day and night shifts.

Well, SORRY!  I didn't get pregnant all alone you know!  I had help!  LOL

It's just one of those little things, you know.  I'm pregnant and need more help, be a little more understanding and deal with the sleep deprivation.  It's all part of being a parent.  In my opinion most of the men I've met are just sissies when it comes to not getting enough sleep but us women are just supposed to be able to do it with no problems or hassles or anything else like that.  We're supposed to just suck it up and get it done.

He's in for a rude awakening if he thinks I'm going to be the only one getting up with both girls at night to make sure they have their bottle or bobo or whatever they may need and still be a functioning, happy adult in the mornings.  LOL  Not gonna happen.

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