Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Biggest Decision of My Life

Back before the 1970's and long after The Prohibition someone somewhere in this great nation decided that marijuana needed to become illegal for consumption on all levels.  Despite the fact, that at the time it had yet to cause more harm than good and to this day the same remains.  In all honesty, big paper corporations and oil companies have been fighting the legalization of marijuana for decades because it can literally change this nation for the better in so many ways but it would be at a huge cost for those companies in particular.  It would provide alternative fuel sources, alternative paper sources which are much more renewable and easily grown and harvested than trees without nearly as much nasty byproduct.  It offers great benefits to the medical field as well, known widely for its anti-inflammatory properties, as well its pain relieving ones and still offers more than just those two so the big pharmaceutical companies are pissed about it being legalized, as well. I mean, don't all of those companies always get pissed off beyond belief whenever someone new or something new comes around to challenge the monopolizing grip they have on our society?

If you could even consider marijuana new, that is.  It's far from new, it dates back to Native Americans and even further if you do your research.  Whenever someone claims they will be able to take money out of the big corporations pockets they tend to bring out the big guns (endless numbers of lawyers) and take down the beast known as new age society and cut them down with one foul swoop. And why do they do this?  Because of's all about the overhead, the profit, the bonuses, the yachts, the vacations, the expensive cars, the suits that cost more than my rent per month, the dinners that cost more than my car payment and the champagne and caviar that, well, I could put my kids through college with the same amount of money they spend on those items in one year.

And still, that's not what bothers me.  What bothers me the most, is that we, as a country can't move forward in medicine, in technology, in science, in everything and anything because we keep getting held back by all of these big companies and conservative politicians who don't want to lose their money and their cushy little lifestyles. 

Marijuana, a drug just like all the others.  It isn't some miracle drug, it isn't some miracle cure, it isn't some wondrous medicine with no harmful side effects or issues because just like every other drug, even the ones approved by the FDA, marijuana has it's side effects, bad ones.  It can become addictive, but then again, so can MS Contin, Percocet, Xanax and alcohol but those are all legal to use and consume on some level or another.  And many many people use those drugs every single day and very few people are up in arms about that. 

It can cause nasty changes to your body from overuse such as gynecomastia, or enlarged breasts in men but so do many other medications such as, Vasotec, Aldactone, Valium, Tagamet, Zantac, Prilosec and even Lavender oil and Tea Tree oil can cause gynecomastia.

Even then, with its terrible side effects, people should be given the opportunity to choose if they wish to possibly suffer from those side effects or they can choose to use the drug and benefit from its good side effects, of which, marijuana offers many.

Positive side effects include pain relief, decreased swelling, decreased eye pressure in glaucoma patients, appetite improvement in anorexic people and in people going through chemotherapy.  The list continues.  

There has been so much uproar about this topic lately and it has me baffled.  How can so many people be so very against a drug that, just like so many others out there that are man made, has both a good and bad side just like all the others?

There is not a single drug out there, not one single drug, that doesn't come with some kind of side effect.  So I ask you this ladies and gentleman, if people can abuse Xanax for recreation and people can abuse Oxycodone and Morphine, among countless other drugs but they're still legal then why in the world can't we legalize marijuana and use it for it's positive effects instead of making it completely illegal to all? 

The point is I'm tired of pushing man made chemicals into my body to decrease the amount of pain I'm in every four hours, every day of every week for the foreseeable future.  I'm so tired of it.  I'm literally poisoning myself so I can function and do regular daily activities.  It's ridiculous.  So I decided to talk to my doctor about possible THC treatment and quitting these damn chemicals.  

My doctor was willing to entertain the idea for me and said the first step was an MRI.  So today I went for my MRI and now I feel 10x worse then I did this morning.  Hopefully, something good will come of it.  Hoping...

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