Monday, June 10, 2013

Am I Speaking In Tongues?

You may or may not know what I'm about to talk about but more than likely you will have some clue as to what I'm saying, especially if you have children. 

Do you ever get that feeling as though you've turned into some kind of a broken record periodically throughout the day?  Like maybe you aren't actually speaking English?  Or whatever language it may be that you speak fluently?  I feel that way often.

You see, my fiance, father of my children, man of my dreams, my knight in shining armor, has ADHD with emphasis on the H or hyperactivity part but with a whole heck of a lot of the AD or attention deficit part.

This does not change my opinion of him or make me think any less of him.  It's just that periodically throughout the day I find myself having to repeat what I've said time and time again to him because he either doesn't hear me the first time, is too distracted to fully listen and catch all of it the second time and then the third time he usually hears me but may sometimes once again get too distracted to actually hear everything I've said so...once again, I end up having to repeat myself. 

Then there's my mother, I seriously think her hearing and her mind are going because I have to repeat myself to her again and again and remind her repeatedly of appointments and other goings on.

My ADHD, autistic, Asperger's syndrome sister.  Asperger's is also known as Other World Syndrome.  Which means, she is never really there with you even though you may think she is.  She is constantly in her own little world and you have to pull her out of it and grab her attention before you even say something to her or it's like talking to a wall, you get absolutely no response.

And lastly, my 1-year-old daughter, whose name I have to repeat so many times in one day that I know for a fact anyone who is visiting or anyone I visit, basically, anyone within earshot of me attempting to tell her no for the umpteenth time, will know her name if they don't already.

I hate feeling like a broken record.  I hate being a broken record because very often while repeating myself I forget what it was that I was going to say next so I feel lost in my own mind, trying and trying to remember what it was that I was going to say and failing miserably at it.

It's irritating, to say the last and just another one of those little things.   

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