Thursday, October 17, 2013

Figuratively Speaking Of Course

I found myself standing in a Time Warner Cable office yesterday, waiting for my turn in line, so I could pick up my new DVR box.  I decided an extra 15 dollars a month wouldn't be such a bad deal so I can finally watch all the channels I pay for upstairs in my room where I spend a good amount of time.

Upon my arrival a young blonde girl took my name and told me it would only be about another five minutes before they called me up to be taken care of.  Five minutes later the line hadn't moved and I went to ask if I would have time to go to another store in the mall, which is where the office was located, to browse a bit before it was my turn.  The same young blonde told me no and that it would only be another five minutes.

I took it for what it was and went to wait. Another five minutes pass and my name, well, it still hasn't moved up the list.  Irritated, I went back to the young blonde and asked again if I had time to go to another store as the line still hadn't moved since the last time I talked to her.  She, again, told me it would only be another five minutes.

Needless to say, I was not pleased.  Fast forward ten minutes this time.  My name had finally moved, but only up one slot, there were six slots and at the beginning of my venture I was at the bottom of the list.  It was not looking good for me to only be here for a few minutes, grab my DVR box and be home in time for dinner.  Ugh.

I went back to the young blonde girl and once again asked her if it would be much longer and if I could go to another store to bide my time.  I swear to you, this girl couldn't tell time if her brain was directly wired into a clock.  She, once again, said the same damn words to me she had been saying since I walked in the damn door twenty friggin minutes ago!  It'll only be another five minutes.

I looked at her in dismay.  Was she joking?  Did she think I was mentally retarded?  What the hell was going on?  I couldn't believe the audacity of this young girl to constantly tell me that it will only be another five minutes when clearly more than fifteen, even more than twenty minutes had passed since I walked in the door and she had told me that same thing, it will only be five minutes.

I walked away and pondered for a few minutes, me with nothing new to do or see usually means I revert into my own brain and ponder things for, sometimes, hours on end.  I may be doing things in between but that doesn't mean I've stopped thinking about a topic once I get on it.  I can mentally chew on it all day long.

So I started chewing on it and all I could come up with was that she had been coached to say what she had been repeating since I walked in the door.  It's the only thing that made sense.  I didn't want to simply conclude the girl was stupid, that would be rude and she didn't look like the ability to tell time was beyond her.

I just couldn't believe the audacity of a company to coach their workers to say something that is completely false.  It got me thinking how many other people would be outraged by this?  Would anyone else ever be outraged by this?  Have the people of this country become so docile and to be blunt, stupid that we don't have an opinion about this?

Anyway, I finally got my box, I'm currently enjoying the wonders and uses of said box, and I couldn't help but post a blog about this because really, it's another one of those little things that irritates me.  

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